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With the world shifting towards greener solutions, the packaging industry has also been moving away from plastic and towards more sustainable options. One of the best substitutes has been aluminum jars, and as such, the aluminum jar industry has been growing steadily. Naturally, more and more competitors have emerged yearly to take control of this market. This is why choosing an aluminum jar manufacturer that suits your needs can be tricky.

But luckily, in this article, we will look at the top 10 aluminum jar manufacturers in the world!


#1 Nampak
Nampak leads the industry in manufacturing aluminum-based packaging products, including cans, jars, and bottles, in the African region. The company has dedicated itself to building a sustainable future by making its practices green, and this has also earned it awards for its commitment and recognition throughout the industry. As a trusted partner in the region, they can be relied on to provide aluminum jars wholesale.


#2 Envases Universales
Based in Mexico primarily, Envases Universales is a well-known producer of packaging materials, including aluminum jars. They are heavily involved in the Mexican market and concentrate their operations mostly on the Latin American market. The company also provides customizable packaging options, enabling customers to design their packaging solutions to suit their brand ideas by making their custom aluminum can.

Envases Universales focuses on eco-friendly solutions and employs environmentally conscious methods in its production to reduce its waste footprint. They also have a global network that allows them to serve customers from all over the world.

#3 Ball Corporation
Based and founded in the USA, Ball Corporation is one of the oldest and most recognized manufacturers of packaging materials. Their long history goes back over a century, making them one of the best in this area.  

They offer many packaging products, including plastic and aluminum packaging and aluminum jars. They aspire to accomplish the highest grade of product and a combination of sustainable and innovative projects.

Ball Corporation has cemented its place as a standard in the packaging industry, proven by its many awards and recognitions. It is clear why they are the first choice for anyone looking for the best packaging solutions.


#4 Ardagh Group
Another big name in the aluminum market is the Ardagh Group. Based in Luxembourg, Ardagh Group is known for being a reliable partner in providing packaging solutions. People choose them because of their strict commitment to sustainability and using recycled materials. But it isn’t just their greener solutions that make them a good choice; it is also their consistent quality of top-notch products that they promise to deliver. This is shown by the many awards they have collected over the years due to their outstanding performance in the industry.


#5 Amcor Limited
Amcor Limited is an Australian-based firm that provides packaging services throughout the globe. With its operations in 41 countries and exports worldwide, Amcor Limited is one of the best options out there if you are looking for aluminum jar manufacturers. Moreover, if you are also looking for an aluminum can manufacturer, Amcor provides those and many other types of packaging products.

They have earned notable achievements due to their emphasis on using greener solutions for their products and the high quality of their work.


#6 Alucon PCL
Alucon PCL is the leading Asian firm manufacturing aluminum-based packaging products and is listed on the Thailand Security Exchange. They specialize in providing aluminum packaging materials, which also include aluminum jars. They have extensive experience in the Asian market, so if your business is based in this region, that might be something you would want to consider. However, despite their main focus being Asia, they also export to over 40 countries.


#7 Silgan Holdings

Silgan Holdings specializes in providing various packaging products, from cosmetics packaging to aluminum jar manufacturing. Despite being a relatively younger company on this list, founded in 1987, they have built a reputation for their consistent quality of aluminum packaging and are well known in the industry. They provide premium quality products and a level of customization to their aluminum packaging that many of their competitors do not. This makes them a more appealing partner for businesses. 

#8 Crown Holdings
Founded in 1892, Crown Holdings is one of the leading packaging solutions providers. They manufacture high-grade aluminum packaging, including aluminum jars of different types, to cater to different customers. Their products use recyclable materials as part of their commitment to a sustainable future, making their products appeal more to the modern market.

Crown Holdings’ dedication to the highest quality products has earned them the ranking of one of the top aluminum jar manufacturers. With their numerous prestigious awards, they have established their reputation for excellence.

#9 Colep Packaging
A subsidiary of the Colep Company, Colep Packaging is based in Portugal and has over 50 years of experience in the industry. With global partners, they are an international provider of aluminum packaging materials for various industries. For international clients, they are a preferred option as they have experience handling international business.


#10 Alltub Group
Alltub Group, based in France, is another packaging manufacturing firm that provides packaging solutions to many industries, including aluminum jar manufacturing. They have a vast global network because their manufacturing facilities are located worldwide. This is a major plus point for international clients as it simplifies their business. Alltub Group can provide services no matter where their customers are in the world, which is something other competitors may need help to offer.

Final Say
With this article, we have looked at the top aluminum jar manufacturers around the globe. From the experienced and tested Ball Corporation to new emerging giants like Silgan Holdings, this article has provided valuable information regarding their products, focus on sustainability, and accomplishments in the industry.

If you are looking for companies that do aluminum jars wholesale, consider contacting the companies mentioned in this article. Inquire about your requirements and quotations to better understand which company would be your best option!


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