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Aluminum has a strong barrier property, so some medicines with poor chemical stability are usually packaged in aluminum. It also has good shading, moisture-proof, air-tight, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic and tasteless, and the structure of aluminum oxide is very dense. Protecting the aluminum inside from oxidation also prevents chemical reactions between medicines and packaging materials.

Moreover, the tube body will collapse after being squeezed and will not rebound, which means that air will not flow into the hose and bring in pollutants. Therefore, the use of aluminum hoses is not prone to oxidation or contamination of the contents, and can Extend the shelf life of medicines.

The plastic hose is relatively soft, has excellent extrusion resistance, and is easy to squeeze out.

The material used for the plastic hose is cheaper, the cost is low, and the economy is better. Plastic ointment tubes also have some obvious disadvantages, such as high air permeability and moisture permeability, poor heat resistance and stability, high thermal expansion rate, easy to burn, poor dimensional stability, and easy deformation. In addition, low temperature resistance is relatively poor. It is easy to become brittle and aging at low temperature.

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