Why is the customized Cosmetic Aluminum Tube coated with a white primer

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Products that are packaged in the customized Cosmetic Aluminum Tubes on the market will have brand logos, product descriptions, and even pattern designs printed on the tube body. However, few people pay attention to the common white background color (commonly known as a primer) on aluminum hoses. This kind of paint is not printed with printing ink when printing customized Cosmetic Aluminum Tube products, but firstly through the "primer" process, a special material of polyester resin is coated on the surface of aluminum tubes. Let's take a look at why this is.customized Cosmetic Aluminum Tube productsFirst of all, the purpose of priming the customized Cosmetic Aluminum Tube products is mainly to protect the surface of the aluminum tube and cover the original color of the aluminum tube to make the printing effect better. The polyester resin used in the primer has good flexibility and adhesion and can be tightly bonded to the customized Cosmetic Aluminum Tube to form a protective film. This protective film has excellent scratch resistance, can withstand minor scratches and bumps, and prevents oxidation and corrosion of aluminum.
The primer for customized Cosmetic Aluminum Tube products is usually white and applied to the outer wall of the entire aluminum tube. But now more and more product designers will require the use of different colors, which also makes the primer of the customized Cosmetic Aluminum Tube start to improve from a practical protective function to a decorative aesthetic effect.

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