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"Cosmetics" box loaded with "Botox."

"Cosmetics" box loaded with "Botox."

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(Summary description)Many ladies know "Botox" this thing, the biggest role is to lift, but the formal beauty salon a price at 1000~2000 yuan, so some people move crooked brains, has hit back from Han Guohai Amoy Botox inj

"Cosmetics" box loaded with "Botox."

(Summary description)Many ladies know "Botox" this thing, the biggest role is to lift, but the formal beauty salon a price at 1000~2000 yuan, so some people move crooked brains, has hit back from Han Guohai Amoy Botox inj

  • Categories:Company News
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  • Time of issue:2017-08-24
  • Views:44
Many ladies know "Botox" this thing, the biggest role is to lift, but the formal beauty salon a price at 1000~2000 yuan, so some people move crooked brains, has hit back from Han Guohai Amoy Botox injections! But be careful, the South Korean version of Botox is not up to standard.
No, the other day, the post office of the Chongqing entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, for the first time, intercepted a shipment of "botulinum toxin" injected from South Korea for a total of 30. According to the Department of plastic surgery staff of several large city hospitals in the country said, with the regular "Botox" are from the United States or domestic Lanzhou, as for South Korea, Botox is generally used only a small clinic.
Labeled "cosmetics" is loaded with botox"
Recently, the postman have repeatedly found the South Korean port mailed Botox and placenta and other items, the inspection and Quarantine Bureau, post office staff also began to pay close attention to South Korea imported package.
Last Sunday, the quarantine officer at the post office found a parcel sent from South Korea. The label said it was cosmetic, but quarantine officials decided to open the case in view of the recent surge.
Open the package to see, there are three boxes, and all of them are in English, the quarantine officer carefully examined, found the "BOTULAX" word, translated as "Botox."".
It is reported that this is the city for the first time intercepted "botulinum toxin", a total of 30.
The Korean version of Botox can not be bought casually
The parcel belongs to a woman, after that parcel checked, she seemed somewhat depressed, but when asked why they should mail "Botox" entry, that she is buying from the.
30 bottles of botulinum toxin all for personal use? This is somewhat farfetched." Quarantine personnel analyzed and judged that this should be the beauty salon or the same type of institution for commercial use.
According to the relevant laws and regulations of inspection and quarantine, "botulinum toxin" belongs to the entry of special items, and without the permission of the relevant departments of health, it is not allowed to post and bring into the country.
"We ask her to issue a special approval form, and if not, destroy or return it."." Quarantine officials said. But at present, the party has not provided the "special items approval form".
No full cold chain transportation
Botox can cause death
"Mailing Botox from South Korea?" Even if the product is a regular product in South Korea, but no whole cold chain transportation, "botulinum toxin" has gone bad!  Deterioration may not only lead to facial problems, but even shock and death!"  Yesterday, Chongqing Xinqiao Hospital plastic surgery chief physician Fan Dongli told reporters.
It is understood that China is now used in the field of plastic surgery, Botox has two kinds, one is from an American enterprise products of Botox, the drug also is from the balance force of an enterprise in Lanzhou, other countries have not been allowed to import drugs. "South Korea" Botox "in the international community are substandard products, only small clinics only use!" City, a professional plastic surgery hospital staff said, South Korea "botulinum toxin" does not meet the current international standards, can not enter through formal channels, so there will be no relevant approval.
"Botox" itself is not expensive, but the injection method is very particular, bad injection is the direct consequence of facial paralysis." Department of plastic surgery in a large hospital doctor told reporters recently to the hospital every day playing a variety of facial wrinkles and thin face needle people basically maintained at 40 to 50 people, but the injection of Botox will need to make an appointment, "because only a few experts in hospital are eligible to play the" Botox injections, "not everyone has the qualification of operation."

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