Advantages and Features of Aluminum Tube Packaging for Adhesive

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Adhesive is a highly viscous and quick-drying glue that can quickly bond metals, rubber, wood, ceramics, plastics, electronic parts, etc. Therefore, adhesive is also a glue product that many families will purchase and use, but the glue will inevitably dry out after being placed for a long time. Whether the Aluminum Tube Packaging for Adhesive is sufficiently sealed and can effectively guarantee the quality is particularly important! Careful friends should find that more and more adhesives are packaged in flexible aluminum tubes. Why does Aluminum Tube Packaging for Adhesive become the best packaging choice for adhesives?

Aluminum Tube Packaging for Adhesive products

1.Aluminum Tube Packaging for Adhesive has obvious advantages

Aluminum Tube Packaging for Adhesive is stamped from a single aluminum material, the aluminum material is dense, and its outstanding feature is excellent air tightness! On the surface of aluminum, a dense oxide protective film is easily formed, which can effectively isolate moisture, air, etc., and prevent the product from being polluted during circulation and use. Compared with other non-aluminum materials, aluminum has excellent moisture and gas barrier properties. Generally speaking, when the thickness of aluminum foil is greater than 0.01mm, it has good moisture resistance; when the thickness is greater than 0.015mm, it has gas impermeability. And the increase of the thickness can effectively improve the barrier performance.

2. The characteristics of the adhesive are determined

Adhesive is a kind of fast-drying glue. If it is not well sealed, it will be catalyzed and rapidly polymerized and solidified when it comes into contact with a small amount of water vapor in the air, so it is called instant adhesive. This feature also determines that the adhesive needs to be packaged in a container with a strong enough seal to effectively prevent the glue from drying out before it is opened. The excellent sealing properties of Aluminum Tube Packaging for Adhesive also just meet the needs of adhesives, so it has become the first choice for adhesive packaging!

Aluminum Tube Packaging for Adhesive is a packaging container that is in direct contact with the adhesive, and its own quality, safety, performance and compatibility with the adhesive are all very important. Combined with the current development trend of domestic packaging materials, environmentally friendly and safe packaging materials will be the main direction of future development. Therefore, Aluminum Tube Packaging for Adhesive will be the best packaging choice for adhesives for a long time in the future!

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