Advantages of Sustainable Packaging Collapsible Tube as a packaging material

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Sustainable Packaging Collapsible Tube, as a packaging material, is suitable for packaging various low-viscosity slurries, such as vinyl glue, silicone glue, epoxy glue, rubber glue, general sealant, etc. Many adhesive and sealant products on the market are packed in these Sustainable Packaging Collapsible Tubes, with a capacity between 5 ml and 90 ml.

Sustainable Packaging Collapsible Tube

Sustainable Packaging Collapsible Tube is favored due to some advantages. The aluminum tube is compact in size and easy to carry. The container can be opened and closed repeatedly as long as you need; the hole at the mouth of the tube is relatively narrow, and the adhesive can be squeezed out and applied to the predetermined area effortlessly. You might say that even plastic pipes can do the same thing, yes, but there is another advantage here, only foldable aluminum pipes, these metal pipes will collapse as the contents are squeezed out. Effectively prevent the backflow of air and moisture.

Compared with plastic containers, the main advantage of these Sustainable Packaging Collapsible Tubes is that the contents can be separated from the external environment. For adhesive sealants that are sensitive to air or moisture, the non-respiratory function is necessary because it ensures The adhesive product can be used and stored for a longer period of time.

Last but not least, the material of Sustainable Packaging Collapsible Tube, aluminum, is a recyclable material that is more environmentally friendly than its plastic accessories.

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