Advantages of packaging with Ointment Aluminum Tubes

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The main raw material of medicinal ointment aluminum tube is aluminum products, and it is also the packaging container that will directly contact the ointment after filling. The plastic of the hose is made of monomers as raw materials, and is polymerized by polyaddition or polycondensation to form a high-molecular polymer. Its resistance to deformation is medium, between fiber and rubber. Agents, lubricants, pigments and other additives. Plastic hose packaging is also widely used, often used in the packaging of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, cleaning supplies, chemicals, food and other daily chemical consumer products.

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The advantages of plastic ointment tubes are strong corrosion resistance, no reaction with acids and alkalis, light texture, collision resistance, not easy to break, good insulation, low thermal conductivity, good general formability and colorability, and low processing costs. However, plastic ointment tubes also have some obvious shortcomings, such as high air permeability and moisture permeability, poor heat resistance and stability, high thermal expansion rate, easy combustion, poor dimensional stability, easy deformation, and poor low temperature resistance. , easy to become brittle and aging at low temperature.

In addition, the composition of plastics contains additives, such as stabilizers, plasticizers, antioxidants, etc. These additives may migrate into the medicines contained therein, and the medicines contained in the medicines may also be adsorbed by the plastics, thereby affecting the stability and effectiveness of the medicines sex.

In general, both medicinal Ointment Aluminum Tubes and plastic ointment tubes have the characteristics of good processing performance, strong plasticity, good insulation, collision resistance, and not easy to break. As medicinal ointment packaging, Ointment Aluminum Tubes and plastic hoses are equally suitable. matching choice. However, plastics have poor performance in terms of air permeability, moisture permeability, heat resistance, stability, etc., while Ointment Aluminum Tubes have relatively high corrosion resistance, good sealing, and barrier properties, which determine certain chemical properties. Ointments with poor stability must be packaged in aluminum medicinal ointment tubes. In addition, if the ointment requires a longer shelf life and needs to be stored at low temperature, packaging in Ointment Aluminum Tubes will be a better choice.

Finally, there are also many people who believe that, from the perspective of environmental protection, Ointment Aluminum Tubes can be recycled and cause less pollution to the environment, while plastic hoses are not easy to be recycled after use and easily pollute the environment, which is also worth including when choosing pharmaceutical packaging materials a point of consideration.

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