Sep 15,2021

What are the advantages of the Best Alumimum Tube Food Packaging products

Good barrier properties. Aluminum has excellent barrier properties against water, air (oxygen), light and microorganisms that cause food deterioration, so the Best Alumimum Tube Food Packaging products have a good protection function for food.

Sep 15,2021

Why are the Cheap Alumimum Tube Food Packaging near me popular

The Cheap Alumimum Tube Food Packaging has good air tightness, which can prolong the shelf life of food, and some semi-liquid food can also be packaged with aluminum, and the gloss of aluminum plating can make the food packaging more beautiful. Cheap Alumimum Tube Food Packaging near me not only has the characteristics of lightweight, excellent protection performance, good strength, not easy to break, and easy to carry.

Sep 15,2021

Introduction to the production process of the Low price Alumimum Tube Food Packaging

The production method of Alumimum Tube Food Packaging is to first punch an aluminum plate of a certain thickness with a precision blanking punch, blank it into a small round billet, anneal it, and then perform impact extrusion on an extruder of a certain specification to make the round shape. The sheet blank extends outwards along a certain length and diameter into a tubular Alumimum Tube Food Packaging, and finally reaches a certain size.

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