Environmental protection, but 2017 printing and packaging industry must face the dafa!

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As of 2016, the number of "three wastes" in the paper industry continued to decline and the processing technology was mature and perfect. The modern papermaking industry not only plant raw materials from the carbon dioxide in the air, in the extraction of plant fiber, the production process of waste can also be converted to biomass energy by cogeneration after use and sales, a high proportion of biomass energy. Chemicals used in pulping can also be recycled almost entirely. In addition to imported pulp, the main raw materials for paper making in China are mainly forestry "three residues", miscellaneous bamboo, reed, bagasse, agricultural waste straw, waste paper and other raw materials. It is a typical comprehensive utilization industry of waste resources. By 2016, China had 70% of the world's advanced production capacity.
Recycling of waste paper is also fully embodies the attributes of natural circulation, known as the "second forest" in the modern technology, waste paper pulping process of waste can use all of the resources, China has accounted for 65% of waste paper raw materials. Modern pulp and paper technology is making the paper industry away from the "high resource consumption and high environmental risk" ranks.
China has implemented the most stringent international pollutant emission standards, and the paper industry enterprises have adopted a large number of high cost and extreme governance measures to ensure pollutant control and emission standards. In addition, a large number of new enterprise units, energy consumption, water consumption and solid, liquid and gas emissions levels are only a fraction of the original level, or even one in ten.
In 2017, to meet diversified consumer demand is the focus of the future
According to the consumer goods industry "three" strategy of "increasing the variety, quality, provided a brand", Paper Association has its own work plan for the future. The increase in the varieties, will further enhance the papermaking association guidance to promote the ability of new product development and brand creation ability; in terms of the quality of the work of the association will focus on the promotion of uncoated printing paper, packaging paper and paperboard, special paper and paperboard product quality and optimize the structure of these varieties. The purpose of these work is to make the paper industry to meet the diversified consumer market demand, and to form a high, fine, special, differentiated paper and paperboard product structure.
At the same time, the paper also brings Association will make full use of the opportunities of the Internet age, research paper and paper products "Internet plus marketing, production and logistics" of the new model, for the community to provide more flexible choice of products and more convenient service.
The implementation of the strategy of sustainable development of papermaking industry in the next step, play to the characteristics of papermaking industry low carbon, green, recycling, resource and environmental protection, construction of scientific and technological innovation, resource conservation and environment friendly green paper.
Guangdong revealed that this year's paper capacity elimination plan and environmental protection measures
The day before the five meeting of Guangdong province of the twelve National People's Congress held the first press conference. Meanwhile, Wu Dongwen, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Commission for letters and commissions, and Lu Xiulu, director of the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, revealed the focus of the two sector's work in the paper industry this year.
According to Wu Dongwen, director, last year, Guangdong eliminate backward production capacity, there are two major categories of indicators, the first category is the disposal of "zombie enterprise" indicators, the second category is to eliminate paper and other production capacity. Guangdong's goal last year was to eliminate 7 paper-making enterprises. After a year's efforts, in addition to clearing the 7 paper-making enterprises, the total elimination of backward paper production capacity reached 96 thousand and 580 tons, far exceeding the established goals.
"13th Five-Year" period, Guangdong will continue to eliminate backward and excess production capacity, strengthen the Pearl River Delta with the eastern northwest industrial capacity to build, with the industry as the main direction to promote the industry to build, strengthen international cooperation capacity, promote enterprise financial management restructuring, and establish a long-term mechanism to strengthen the level of management according to law.
In addition, Guangdong will also introduce a series of tough measures to deal with severe pollution weather governance. According to the provincial environmental protection department director Lu Xiulu said, in accordance with state requirements, Guangdong has achieved regional pollutant levels are relatively low, continue to improve the atmospheric environment. Including further increase the industrial policy, energy policy, industrial parks, non-point source control, stressed that in the Pearl River Delta is no longer new coal, electricity, coal boilers to increase the ban, prohibit burning petroleum coke, etc.. Aimed at 2020, the basic elimination of severe pollution weather, and stability to meet the national air quality standards requirements, Shenzhen and other cities PM2.5 pioneered the realization of 25 micrograms / cubic meter of who standard.

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