Features of Medicinal Ointment Aluminum Tubes and Plastic Ointment Tubes

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Aluminum is a silver-white light metal with a relative density of 2.70, only one-third of iron. Aluminum is rich in content and ranks third in the earth's crust after oxygen and silicon. In addition to being used as the outer packaging of the pharmaceutical and daily chemical industry, aluminum products are also widely used in the three major industries of aviation, automobiles and construction, which are greatly beneficial to the production and development of metal aluminum products. Medicinal Ointment Aluminum Tubes are tubular containers made of pure aluminum, also known as aluminum pharmaceutical ointment tubes, medicinal aluminum tubes, and ointment aluminum tubes. It is used for filling pharmaceutical or cosmeceutical creams, ointments, eye ointments and other dosage forms.

Ointment Aluminum Tubes

Some people will be curious, medicinal Ointment Aluminum Tubes and plastic ointment tubes are both pharmaceutical packaging materials, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of the two? Here we can first understand several features of Ointment Aluminum Tubes:

1) Aluminum metal has good processing performance and good ductility: As mentioned above, pure aluminum is a lightweight metal and has good ductility. It can be processed by various casting methods and is easy to form. Sheet, foil, powder, ribbon and filament. Moreover, the manufacturing process of the aluminum material is relatively simple, and it is not easy to be broken, which can greatly reduce the processing cost and save energy.

2) Ointment Aluminum Tubes have good corrosion resistance and good airtightness: a dense protective film is formed on the surface of aluminum metal after oxidation, which can effectively isolate moisture, oxygen, etc., and avoid the process of circulation, use and storage of filled paste products contaminated. Ointment Aluminum Tubes with rubber tails can provide a higher seal and provide more protection to the medicines inside.

3) Aluminum has good electrical and thermal conductivity: aluminum metal is a good conductor of heat, its thermal conductivity is three times greater than that of iron, and its electrical conductivity is second only to silver and copper. When the medicinal ointment is filled into Ointment Aluminum Tubes by hot filling, this characteristic of aluminum is conducive to the rapid cooling and heat dissipation of the paste, which effectively ensures the stability of the paste.

4) Aluminum has good shading and strong reflectivity: the reflectivity of the polished surface of aluminum to white light is more than 80%. The higher the purity, the higher the reflectivity, especially for infrared, ultraviolet and thermal radiation. performance. Therefore, the medicines packaged in Ointment Aluminum Tubes can be stored in various occasions, suitable for long-term display on the counter, saving storage and circulation costs, and increasing the probability of product exposure.

5) Aluminum has high barrier properties: Compared with other non-aluminum materials, aluminum has excellent moisture and gas barrier properties. Generally speaking, when the thickness of aluminum foil is greater than 0.01mm, it has good moisture resistance; when the thickness is greater than 0.015mm, it has gas impermeability. The increase of the thickness of aluminum metal can effectively improve the barrier properties. The thickness of the tube wall of the medicinal Ointment Aluminum Tubes is more than 0.09mm, which is much higher than the thickness of any aluminum foil, so its barrier performance is certain.

6) Aluminum metal is non-magnetic and does not produce sparks when impacted: This feature brings great protection to safe production management, and also brings high security to market circulation.

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