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Glue aluminum tube is the most common area for aluminum tube applications. Various types of adhesives, such as 502 glue, glass glue, caulking glue, repair glue, instant glue, etc., can be packed and filled with aluminum tubes. Whether the quality of such a wide range of glue aluminum tubes is high enough is particularly important! When purchasing or inspecting glue aluminum tubes, some small details are sometimes overlooked because of carelessness or lack of professionalism. So, today I will summarize the 4 details that are easily overlooked for aluminum glue tubes to help you easily purchase high-quality glue aluminum tubes!


1. Does the tube design of the glue aluminum tube meet the requirements of the product?

Different adhesive products have different applicable glue aluminum tube tube types. For example, instant glue, due to its quick-drying characteristics, requires a sufficiently sealed aluminum tube to meet its requirements. Therefore, a flat-mouth, closed-mouth aluminum tube with a two-section tip cover is often used for filling. For conventional adhesive products such as glass glue and caulking glue, most of them use flat-mouth, closed-mouth aluminum tubes with ordinary plastic covers. Therefore, the tube design of the glue aluminum tube should be selected according to the product characteristics.

2. Whether the inner wall of the glue aluminum tube should be internally coated

The inner part of the aluminum tube is the most overlooked detail. This inconspicuous inner spraying layer actually protects the product. Ttube products that easily react with aluminum metal, are slightly corrosive, and easily react with air, will choose aluminum tubes with internal spraying for packaging. Should there be an additional layer of inner spraying for the glue aluminum tube? In fact, it has to be determined according to the characteristics of the adhesive. After all, different adhesive products have different formulas.


3. Whether the glue aluminum tube should have tail glue

Tail glue is a latex layer at the end of the aluminum tube, mainly to improve the sealing performance after filling and sealing. Should there be an extra layer of tail glue on the glue aluminum tube? It seems that many adhesive product manufacturers will choose to add tail glue! Because glue is an indirect product that will be placed, the requirements for sealing are relatively high. Adding a layer of tail glue can greatly improve the sealing effect of the glue and effectively maintain the quality!


4. Is the printing of the glue aluminum tube beautiful?

The printing effect is the first visual experience presented to consumers by the glue aluminum tube. Therefore, whether the printing is beautiful enough, the overall quality assessment of the glue aluminum tube is particularly important! For the overall design of the glue aluminum tube body, such as color matching, LOGO design, information description, etc., it takes a lot of time to design. Therefore, when you see the finished product of the glue aluminum tube, you should also check carefully: whether the printing area is smooth, whether the color is even, whether the color matching is beautiful, etc. Good products can only be tested with care!


After completing these 4 details, it is not difficult to purchase high-quality glue aluminum tubes. But in fact, as long as you choose a professional glue aluminum tube manufacturer, who can provide you with professional advice, you can save a lot of troubles!

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