Sep 15,2021

What are the benefits of choosing customized Ointment Aluminum Tubes products

Customized Ointment Aluminum Tubes products are good for product preservation, very convenient to use, and can be customized to beautify the appearance of the product, which has many benefits.

Sep 15,2021

Why are Ointment Aluminum Tubes for sale near me the best choice for ointment packaging

First of all, customized Ointment Aluminum Tubes for sale near me are very convenient to use. Squeeze the tube to release the ointment, which can control the dosage well and avoid waste.

Sep 15,2021

Advantages and Features of Aluminum Tube Packaging for Adhesive

Aluminum Tube Packaging for Adhesive is stamped from a single aluminum material, the aluminum material is dense, and its outstanding feature is excellent air tightness!

Sep 15,2021

Advantages of packaging with Ointment Aluminum Tubes

The advantages of plastic ointment tubes are strong corrosion resistance, no reaction with acids and alkalis, light texture, collision resistance, not easy to break, good insulation, low thermal conductivity, good general formability and colorability, and low processing costs.

Sep 15,2021

Features of Medicinal Ointment Aluminum Tubes and Plastic Ointment Tubes

Some people will be curious, medicinal Ointment Aluminum Tubes and plastic ointment tubes are both pharmaceutical packaging materials, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of the two?

Sep 15,2021

Testing method of Ointment Aluminum Tubes to external oxygen barrier performance

Ointment Aluminum Tubes have high oxygen barrier performance. If the ointment aluminum tube has low oxygen barrier, that is, the oxygen transmission rate is high

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