Production method of Empty Aluminium Squeeze Tubes

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About 2/3 of Empty Aluminium Squeeze Tubes are aluminum tubes, which are mainly used for packaging toothpaste, cosmetics, ointments, etc. Empty Aluminium Squeeze Tubes for food packaging is a new and convenient packaging method that is popular all over the world. Empty Aluminium Squeeze Tubes are especially suitable for filling semi-liquid or pasty foods, such as sauces, meat sauces, butter, honey, concentrated foods and flavored foods.

Empty Aluminium Squeeze Tubes

Empty Aluminium Squeeze Tubes not only have the characteristics of light weight, excellent protection performance, good strength, not easy to break, and easy to carry, but also easy to open, squeeze and fold, and the food is easy to store after eating, and the time to maintain freshness is longer than that of bottles. The cans are long, do not need to be frozen, and have the advantages of convenient use. Therefore, it is very popular with consumers and is used in the packaging of military food and aerospace food.
Empty Aluminium Squeeze Tubes are generally made of 99% pure aluminum for squeezing and curling. The outer surface can be printed and decorated, and the inner wall is coated with organic resin coatings, such as epoxy resin, phenolic resin, vinyl resin, etc., which can further improve Corrosion resistance can also prevent the aluminum tube from cracking when curled up.
The production method of Empty Aluminium Squeeze Tubes is to punch a certain thickness of aluminum plate with a precision blanking punch, blanking into small round blanks, after annealing, and then impact extrusion on a 100-350T extruder to make the rounds The blank extends outwards into a tube along a certain length and diameter, and finally reaches a certain size. The formed aluminum tube must undergo heat treatment to eliminate the work hardening effect, so as to avoid cracking during extrusion and curling. Finally, paint and dry the inner wall of the aluminum tube, and perform decoration printing on the surface of the tube.


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