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Today, in the modern sense of packaging design and sense of the times, is also a very prominent problem. In contrast, the packaging of goods is the first direct expression of consumer characteristics, and the packaging must represent their time. Today, for example, we still see that the main commodities of the Chinese cultural revolution should be packed in strong red. This is the era of commodity packaging and commodity characteristics of the times reflected. But when it comes to the significance of modern packaging, it is discussed in broad sense. In modern sense, determined by people's standard of living and aesthetic sense. I think the modern is beyond our aesthetic level, unwilling to accept new things, modern feeling is unpopular. Fortunately, however, innovation has been ingrained in the United states. Nothing can be developed; people have become aware of innovation. Therefore, we must accept new things and accept new ideas. So, some very advanced designs are now being accepted. However, we cannot accept new things at the same time and forget the traditional elements.
I. The history of the packing box
The packing box refers to the transport, storage and sales process, is the protection of goods and identification, use more convenient sales, is the specific container of goods shipped, materials and accessories are in general will not damage the internal goods. As early as the middle of eighteenth Century, the packing boxes of high-grade articles had already formed. That is the purpose of the packaging box, which is the most original purpose, in order to protect the safety of objects in transit. Therefore, the earliest package for goods is simply a safe package for objects only. In the early nineteenth Century, commodities entered an unprecedented boom in wholesale and retail goods. At this time, some low-cost retailers began to adulterate their products without packaging! Traders' actions lead producers to lose market share quickly. As a result, manufacturers are aware that cheap goods also need to be packaged to ensure product quality. At that time people have a certain understanding of the packaging box. But the purpose of the packaging box is to protect the goods, that is, the packaging of the first function. The appearance of packaging is single and follows the same pattern.
Two, packing materials
The packaging material, it is also very rich, paper, leather, plastic, appearance of metal, glass, wood, ceramics, wild rattan, natural fiber, composite materials, packaging materials, combination of adhesives, coatings, printing materials and other auxiliary materials.
Paper packaging is very common in our life because it is easy to deform, light, and strong. Therefore, widely used. However, in promoting environmental protection today, paper packaging is obviously not promoted!
Plastic packaging - resin as the main component, through high temperature stereotypes. Although it is a new type of packing material. However, the utilization of packaging materials has also increased year by year, and in some developed countries have slowly replaced paper packaging boxes.
Wood packing - characterized by natural materials, can be used with a little treatment.  Usually divided into two kinds of cork and hardwood, like paper, from the environmental protection point of view, analysis of the wooden packaging of materials is not suitable for mass production.
Metallic materials - originated 100 years ago, 1809 of the French invented canned food, 1841, the British invented the tins. This created a modern history of metal packaging. Metal packaging because of the complexity of processing, so that relatively high cost. The utilization rate is not high.
Glass material - glass is characterized by hard, brittle, transparent, and easy to process! However, the application of damage is not easy!
Three, packaging and decoration
Used in packaging and decoration standards can be divided into quality, sales and culture.
The masses - goods should have their own customers, and strive to expand consumer groups, so that products more adapted to market. Packaging designers with the masses, so that their works, they should seriously for the sake of consumers, so that consumers better use of commodity packaging, better service for consumers. It is very important to find ways to attract consumer groups. Expanding consumer groups can only lead to better market efficiency.
Sales - is it a market and consumer recognition that a consumer does not use value?. Only consumers need products to enter the market, it can be said that the market competition. This is the consumer. However, manufacturers of goods may not be consumer awareness and understanding. That is to say, we want publicity and promotion. Therefore, the packing of the goods must be displayed and sold, and the performance and characteristics of the goods will be publicized, which will arouse the interest of the consumers. Let consumers interested in goods, to attract the attention of consumers, so that consumers buy goods desire to increase.
Culture - packaging should now consider not only the material needs of consumers, but also the needs of consumers. In packaging design should reflect the culture, so that packaging exudes a certain cultural atmosphere, has a certain social impact.

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