The popular trend of Aluminum cream tube pharmaceutical packaging production

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The popular trend of Aluminum cream tube pharmaceutical packaging production


Pharmaceutical packaging is an indispensable and important part of pharmaceutical production. Common pharmaceutical packaging methods include: aluminum cream tube, choosing appropriate packaging materials and packaging methods, can effectively ensure drug quality and drug safety.


In recent years, some traditional packaging materials and packaging containers have been gradually replaced by new environmentally-friendly packaging materials. This is a manifestation of the progress of the times and a response to the concept of green environmental protection. Safe, sterile and environmentally friendly packaging of medicines and medical devices has become an inevitable development direction.


"Production and processing process" has always been the focus of pharmaceutical companies on drug quality, but the packaging process has not attracted enough attention. It is not uncommon to see examples of adverse effects on drug safety due to inappropriate packaging materials/containers. This shows the importance of "sterilization" of drug packaging to drug safety. Therefore, this has also prompted more and more medical packaging manufacturers to make such a promise: safety and sterility are the "second life" of the pharmaceutical industry!

1. Safety is the foundation of pharmaceutical packaging

Packaging materials, especially those in direct contact with drugs, have an important impact on the safety and stability of drugs. Therefore, the applicability of the material will directly affect the safety of the medication. Inappropriate packaging materials can cause the migration and adsorption of the active ingredients of the drug, leading to the failure of the drug, and even serious toxic side effects. Therefore, before selecting a packaging material/container for any drug, it must be verified that it is suitable for the intended use, its impact on the stability of the drug must be fully evaluated, and the protective effect of the packaging on the drug under different environmental conditions must be evaluated.


2. Sterilization will become the direction of drug packaging

"Aseptic" packaging is a method of sterilizing and packaging packaged drugs in a "sterile" environment using instant ultra-high temperature sterilization technology. It can better protect the ingredients of the medicine and extend the shelf life. In fact, it is impossible for any kind of medicine to be completely and absolutely sterile in the production and packaging process, but the use of antibacterial polymer packaging materials for medicine packaging can inhibit bacterial contamination, ensure the effective ingredients of the medicine, extend the shelf life of the medicine, and ensure the safety of the medicine. . Therefore, sterilization will be the overall direction of future pharmaceutical packaging.

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