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Why are small capacity aluminum tubes popular?

Why are small capacity aluminum tubes popular?

(Summary description)The aluminum tube is originally a commonly used eco-friendly packaging material for ointment products

Why are small capacity aluminum tubes popular?

(Summary description)The aluminum tube is originally a commonly used eco-friendly packaging material for ointment products


Why are small capacity aluminum tubes popular?


The aluminum tube is originally a commonly used eco-friendly packaging material for ointment products, and can be used to fill a variety of products, such as cosmetic, adhesives, grease, shoe polish, toothpaste, hand cream, ointment, oil paint etc. Such packaging materials are basically designed for end users, and the common volume is less than 100ml. Brands will determine the appropriate packaging material capacity according to the amount of use and frequency of use each time the product is used to enhance the consumer experience. The small-capacity sharp-nose aluminum tube is designed to meet special needs.

People often compare the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum tubes and plastic tubes. The advantage of aluminum tube is that the tube made of 99.7% pure aluminum avoids the risk of undesirable chemical substances released by plastic materials. In addition, the aluminum tube collapses and does not rebound after being squeezed, which means that air and water vapor will not enter the tube, reducing the possibility of contamination of the contents.

The sharp-nose pure aluminum tube is usually open and must be matched with a special plastic cover to achieve a good sealing effect. So, what kind of products are suitable for filling with needle-nose tubes? Let's first understand the characteristics of the pointed aluminum tube, and maybe you can have a certain opinion.


1. The open tip tube is not suitable for filling chemicals that are easy to dry and solidify and are sensitive to moisture or air.

2. Low dosage: the opening of the needle-nose tube is usually smaller than that of the closed-mouth tube. Each time the ointment is squeezed out of the needle-nose tube, the amount will be smaller and the dosage is easy to control.

3. Glue can be applied accurately: the tip of the aluminum tube extends a certain distance outwards, which is just convenient to apply the glue to the place where it needs to be used. For example, if the part that needs to be glued is inside a narrow groove, with a sharp mouth, glueing becomes much easier.

4. Lisson Packaging has 3 g or 5 g pointed-nose pure aluminum tubes, which can be used to fill various small-packaged products, such as nail glue, car glue, silicone grease, anti-seize thread grease, etc., with a wide range of uses.


3ml or 5ml pure aluminum tube with sharp-nosed tip, precise and small amount, easy to carry and store, high-quality manufacturers can make the tube body beautifully printed, and improve the value of the product.


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