Why use Sustainable Packaging Collapsible Tube for ointment packaging instead of plastic medicinal tubes

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The ointment is packaged with plastic medicinal tubes, Sustainable Packaging Collapsible Tube, and aluminum-plastic composite medicinal tubes. It is mentioned above why some ointment packaging uses aluminum medicinal tubes instead of plastic medicinal tubes. Here is a little knowledge.

Sustainable Packaging Collapsible Tube
1. The material of Sustainable Packaging Collapsible Tube can improve the shelf life of medicines. Most medicines are easily oxidized, decomposed, deteriorated, and sensitive to light. On the surface of aluminum and its alloys, a dense oxide protective film is easily formed, which can effectively isolate moisture, oxygen, etc., and prevent the circulation and use of products. Corrosion in the process; and the ointment aluminum tube with tail rubber has better airtight characteristics, and can have a more sufficient sealing protection for the medicines inside.
2. The material of Sustainable Packaging Collapsible Tube has strong barrier properties. Some medicines with poor chemical stability are generally packaged in aluminum, which has the characteristics of good shading, moisture resistance, air tightness, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, etc.
3. The permeability coefficient of plastic packaging to oxygen and carbon monoxide is relatively large.
4. Plastic products are generally organic materials, which are easy to age. Because some plastics are transparent or translucent, they can transmit small amounts of light and ultraviolet rays.
5. The plastic packaged ointment will rebound after extruding the ointment and inhale air into the medicine tube. The aluminum material has good extrudability and will not inhale air after extruding the ointment.
6. The material filtered out of the plastic may contaminate the medicine.
7. In summary, if the ointment is packaged in plastic, it will accelerate the aging and deterioration of the drug, and reduce the shelf life. The choice of plastic packaging materials by drug regulatory agencies in various countries is very cautious.

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