Aluminum Tubes


Sustainable Packaging Aluminum Collapsible Tube Packaging for Skincare

100% Recycable Eco friendly Aluminum Collapse Tube Packaging for Skincare products. 99.7 Pure. Welcome to custom your unqiue packaging


Cosmetic Aluminum Tube Packaging for Face Mask

Face mask use collapsible aluminum tube packaging, easy to squeeze the formula and it is recyclable. Cosmetic Aluminum Tube


Hand Cream Aluminum Tube Cosmetic Packaging

Hand Cream packaging choose Aluminum Tube, it is safe and recyclable


100ml Aluminum Cosmetic Tube Sustainable Metallic Packaging

Aluminum tube packaging for cosmetics, more and more popular. It is eco-friendly packaging


200ml Metal Cosmetic Tube Aluminum Squeeze Packaging Big Capacity Cosmetic Packaging

Metal Cosmetic Tube: environment friendly aluminum tube packaging. 100% recyclable.


30ml Aluminum Cosmetic Tube Hand Cream Metal Recycled Packaging

Recycled Aluminum Cosmetic Tube for Natural Hand Cream


High quality Aluminum Cosmetic Tubes with Metal Squeeze Parts

Aluminum tubes are suitable for cosmetics, hair color, hair care, hand cream, face mask and pharmaceutical


Empty 30ml 50ml 100ml 250ml 500ml Aluminum Cosmetic Pump Spray Bottles

aluminum bottles for cosmetic, perfume, personal care, sports etc



What are the main functions of spraying inside the Low price Metal Aluminium Cosmetic Tube For sale

There are three main functions of the inner spraying of the Low price Metal Aluminium Cosmetic Tube For sale. The first one is anti-corrosion. The inner spraying can effectively isolate the acid, alkali and other reactions inside the hose to achieve the anti-corrosion effect.


What are the factors that affect the price of Wholesale Metal Aluminium Cosmetic Tube products

The first factor that affects the sales price of Wholesale Metal Aluminium Cosmetic Tube is its purchase volume. There is definitely a difference between the wholesale price and the retail price of chemical hoses. Therefore, when Wholesale Metal Aluminium Cosmetic Tube products, you must first determine the purchase quantity, so that you can not only enjoy the preferential wholesale price, but also meet the needs of use.


What are the requirements for the tube body and head of the cheap Metal Aluminium Cosmetic Tube

The surface of the tube body of the cheap Metal Aluminium Cosmetic Tube should be smooth, free from streaks, scratches, strains and shrinkage deformation, straight and not bent.


How to choose the best Metal Aluminium Cosmetic Tube

After getting the Metal Aluminium Cosmetic Tube, first check whether the surface of the aluminum tube has scratches, whether it is twisted, whether it is smooth and flat, whether there is color difference, etc. The printing on the surface of the best Metal Aluminium Cosmetic Tube is beautiful and clear, and the trademark, manufacturer, address and precautions for use are marked with truth. 


How to produce the customized Metal Aluminium Cosmetic Tube

According to customer requirements, the customized Metal Aluminium Cosmetic Tube is printed with text and patterns, and the pre-designed brand logo, explanatory text and warnings are printed on the aluminum tube body.


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