Small Collapsible Tube Aluminum Packaging 3ml Metal Tube

3~10ml small capacity aluminum tube packaging for gel, ointment etc

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  • Product description
  • Small Collapsible Tube Aluminum Packaging 3ml Metal Tube

    Small Alumium tubes for gel, pharmaceutical or chemical packaging, most of them disposable after used. Most of the order quantity is very huge, our minumum order quantity is 100,000pcs per design per SKU.


    Product Details
    Product name: aluminum medicinal ointment tube (national common name);
    Other name: medicinal aluminum tube, ointment aluminum tube, aluminum tube medicine packaging, medicinal aluminum tube.
    Category: aluminum tube packaging; medicinal aluminum tube packaging;
    Raw material: pure aluminum ingot
    Nozzle type: closed-mouth tube, sharp-nose tube, closed-mouth tube with white clean head
    Shoulder: smooth
    Internal coating: Food grade epoxy phenolic resin, in line with FDA food hygiene standards
    Primer: saturated polyester resin, white or milky white
    Tail glue: Food grade environmentally friendly latex
    Aluminum tube with cap: barbed plastic cap with closed mouth tube or sharp-nose tube; open tube with thornless plastic cap
    Printing: 5-color offset printing

    Key words:
    • Collapsible Tube
    • Collapsiable Aluminum Tube
    • Aluminum Tube Packaging

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