Cosmetic Aluminum Tube Packaging for Face Mask

Face mask use collapsible aluminum tube packaging, easy to squeeze the formula and it is recyclable. Cosmetic Aluminum Tube

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Suitable for:

Face Mask, Hair Color, Hand Cream etc

Tube Diameter:


Filling Capacity:


Tube Material:

Aluminum ingot

Tube Decoration:

1-5 color offset printing, labelling

Cap Type:

Metal, PP, PCR-PP

  • Product description
  • Cosmetic Aluminum Tube Packaging for Face Mask

    Facial mask is a category of skin care products and a carrier of beauty care products. It is applied to the face for beauty functions such as moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging, balancing oils, etc.

    Most packaging of facial mask is not environmentally friendly. Every years more then ten billion not environmentally friendly packaging of face mask be throwed away at will. If you are doing the facial mask business, we strongely recommend use aluminum tube packaging to pack your face mask products. It is totally 100% recyclable sustainable packaging material.

    Cosmetic Aluminum Tube Packaging for Face Mask

    Diameter of tubes

    11mm, 13mm, 16mm,19mm,25mm,30mm,35mm,38mm,40mm


    3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 25ml, 30ml, 75ml, 100ml,120ml, 150ml, 200ml 

    Material of tubes:

    100% Quality Aluminum Slugs


    Offset Printing, Labeling


    Glossy and Pearly effect

    Minimum Order QTY:



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    Cosmetic Aluminum Tube manufacturers

    Who are We

    Lisson Packaging is a factory specializing in the manufacture of aluminum tubes. Its products serve cosmetics, hair dye creams, hand creams, face mask, foods, glues, ointments, shoe polish tubes, etc. We own 8 fully automated collapsible aluminum tube production lines with annual output. There are more than 100 million pieces. The company comprehensively promotes European and American aluminum tube manufacturing standards. Establish a complete quality assurance system from design, development, and production, and wholeheartedly provide our customers with professional and high-quality services.


    What We Can Do

    We Lisson tube packaging design and produce aluminum collapsible tube
    Capacity from 5ml to 200ml

    Diameter from 11mm to 40mm.



    Cosmetics, Hair Care, Foods, Pharmaceuticals, Toothpaste, oil Painting, Gel etc


    Aluminium tubes in many different shapes and sizes. Give us a call to get started! Minimum order just 30000~50000pcs.


    Sustainable Life, Sustainable packaging all in Lisson Packaging

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