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Classification of aluminum collapsible tube

Classification of aluminum collapsible tube

(Summary description)This article introduces the detailed classification and various characteristics of aluminum collapsible tube

Classification of aluminum collapsible tube

(Summary description)This article introduces the detailed classification and various characteristics of aluminum collapsible tube


Everyone who knows aluminum collapsible tube should know that aluminum collapsible tube is originally suitable for packaging paste products, such as hand cream, glue, ointment, shoe polish, pigment, etc. Aluminum collapsible tube has good sealing performance. After extruding the contents, the outside air and water will not return to the suction pipe, which can reduce the pollution of the contents. This is also a big reason why more brands choose aluminum collapsible tube as packaging material.

Aluminum collapsible tube is divided into three types according to different sealing methods

1. Closed mouth tube is usually used to fill thinner contents, such as glue, hand cream, cosmetics, etc. Aluminum collapsible tube with closed design can isolate air, water, moisture, bacteria and other substances in the external environment, and reduce the probability of deterioration and decay caused by paste pollution;

2. The open tube is mainly used for filling viscous paste products, such as grease, patching paste, cream, etc. Aluminum collapsible tube is designed with an opening, so consumers can use it immediately by unscrewing the cover. And with a special sealing cover, it can also achieve good sealing effect;

Aluminum collapsible tube can be divided into three parts according to the shape of nozzle

1. Aluminum pointed nozzle tube. The opening is usually very small, each time the glue is extruded from the aluminum tube, the amount will be less, which is easy to control the amount of adhesive with less amount; The part of the tip extends outward for a certain distance, which is just convenient for extruding the glue. The diameter is coated where it needs to be used, and the glue is accurately applied

2. Aluminum flat nozzle tube. Aluminum collapsible tube needs to be "modified" with reamer and other equipment, including cutting the end of the tube, pressing out the required thread at the nozzle, and then finishing the tooth smooth. Only the aluminum tube with clear thread and smooth mouth will be tight enough when the cover is screwed on, and the sealing performance will be better.



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