Sep 15,2021

What are the advantages of folding aluminum tubes as packaging materials?

The foldable aluminum tube is suitable for the packaging of various low-viscosity slurries, such as vinyl glue, silicone glue, epoxy glue, rubber glue, general sealant, etc. Many adhesive and sealant products on the market come in these metal tubes with a capacity between 5ml and 90ml.

Sep 15,2021

Why choose aluminum hose as the packaging of ointment?

In summary, aluminum pharmaceutical hoses have the following characteristics

Sep 15,2021

Aluminum tube plastic tube packaging

Aluminum has a strong barrier property, so some medicines with poor chemical stability are usually packaged in aluminum. It also has good shading, moisture-proof, air-tight, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic and tasteless, and the structure of aluminum oxide is very dense. Protecting the aluminum inside from oxidation also prevents chemical reactions between medicines and packaging materials.

Sep 15,2021

Why Choose Aluminum Tube Packaging to Provide Cosmetic Packaging?

Choose LISSON and choose aluminum tube packaging, it is made of high-quality aluminum blocks and is 100% recyclable

Sep 15,2021

Testing method of Ointment Aluminum Tubes to external oxygen barrier performance

Ointment Aluminum Tubes have high oxygen barrier performance. If the ointment aluminum tube has low oxygen barrier, that is, the oxygen transmission rate is high

Sep 15,2021


Try Aluminum packaging to pack my organic and natual formula. Face mask

Sep 15,2021

Sharon Sferrazza

Thanks Caral for my aluminum cosmetic tube order

Sep 15,2021

Mohini Patel

custom sustainable aluminum packaging for pharmaceutical cream

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