Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of customized Empty Aluminium Squeeze Tubes and plastic hoses

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1.What are customized Empty Aluminium Squeeze Tubes
The customized Empty Aluminium Squeeze Tubes, also known as packaging aluminum tubes, aluminum hoses, and metal hoses, are a common packaging material that can be used to fill glue, toothpaste, hair dye, pigment, cosmetics, shoe polish and other paste products. The aluminum material will not rust, has good ductility and air tightness, and provides good protection for the contents.

customized Empty Aluminium Squeeze Tubes

2. What is a plastic hose
Plastic hose is also a kind of packaging material, which is commonly used in the packaging of cosmetics and ointment and ointment industries, such as cleansing products, skin care products and beauty salon products (shampoo, conditioner) and other cosmetics. Its characteristics are light weight, easy to carry and easy to squeeze!

3. Advantages of customized Empty Aluminium Squeeze Tubes
1. The aluminum material does not rust, its oxides are non-toxic, have good shading properties, and have excellent moisture and gas barrier properties.
2. Good processing performance, no resilience, high thermal conductivity, good ductility and sealing, and sufficient protection for the contents.
3. The manufacturing process of customized Empty Aluminium Squeeze Tubes is simple and not easy to break.
4. It has the functions of easy use, storage, transportation, environmental protection, durability, beauty and easy identification.
5. The aluminum hose with inner spray is not easy to react with the contents and does not change the performance of the packaged items.

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