How to judge the pros and cons of Hand Cream Aluminum Tube

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Pure aluminum tube packaging is a common packaging material in daily life, such as political glue, dental care, paint bucket, hair dye research, etc. With the promotion of environmental protection concepts, Hand Cream Aluminum Tube packaging has become more and more popular among brands. But when purchasing aluminum replacement packaging, how can we quickly judge the pros and cons?

Hand Cream Aluminum Tube

The visual inspection of Hand Cream Aluminum Tube can start from the following points:

1. Primer: Generally, the surface of the Hand Cream Aluminum Tube package will be coated with a layer of primer to protect the surface of the hose and avoid bumping or being severely scratched. Moreover, printing product pictures or text after applying the primer can achieve better visual effects.

2. Printing: The current printing technology is very mature, but high-quality printing services must be able to print even the smallest characters beautifully and clearly. Therefore, when inspecting and printing the appearance of aluminum foil packaging, we should pay attention to: Is the printed text clear? Is the color of the pattern correct? Is there any color difference? Are the pictures and texts full and beautiful?

The internal inspection of Hand Cream Aluminum Tube can pay attention to two aspects:

1. The inner wall of the hose: In order to prevent some chemicals from chemically reacting with the ancestor materials and deteriorating, the inner wall of the hose is usually sprayed. Of course, not all yi tubes need to be sprayed inside, which mainly depends on the nature of the product. But no matter whether there is inner spraying or not, the inner wall of the hose should be flat without dents, and the color should be balanced.

2. Treatment of the tail: In order to achieve a better sealing effect, a tail drop will be placed on the inside of the end of the opening of the Hand Cream Aluminum Tube, which is full and complete. If the rubber tails you see are scattered, it should be placed for a long time or the production process is not perfect. If there is no hose with tail rubber, then check whether the tail opening is neatly cut, whether it is flat, whether it will scratch your hands, etc.

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