How to reduce the hardness of Slant Silicone Brush Tube

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There may be a small mistake in the production of the Slant Silicone Brush Tube to make it harder. What should I do? How can the hardness be reduced to reach the product index? The hardness of the finished silica gel oblique brush tube cannot be changed. The following is for the vulcanized silica gel.
There are mainly the following methods:
First, if the cost is not considered, the amount of oil can be increased, and the amount of carbon black can be appropriately reduced. If the basic silicone material has not been produced, the amount of oil must be increased in the formula. The hardness of the finished Slant Silicone Brush Tube cannot be changed.
Second, depending on what material the silicone inclined brush tube product is, it will continue to vulcanize, and the hardness can be reduced until over vulcanization, but the performance of the product is not guaranteed.
Third, an oven can be used to vulcanize the surface products back to the original, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the hardness, but the degree to be achieved cannot be guaranteed.
Although the above three methods are all to reduce the hardness, the first method is good, but the cost is very high and not cost-effective; the second is that the quality of the product cannot be guaranteed to be very intact; the third method is feasible, but It is difficult to reach the degree index. Therefore, we need to prevent its hardness from being too high when manufacturing the Slant Silicone Brush Tube.
If it is found that the hardness of the silicone inclined brush tube is high, the first step is to check which part of the problem is wrong to prevent the problem from recurring; is it in the design stage or the punching stage? Or is it caused by improper design of the molding process, resulting in the change of the secondary vulcanization process; or is it the silica gel mixture? Doing these investigations can better control the hardness of the silicone inclined brush tube.
In fact, the manufacture of silicone inclined brush tubes has little to do with consumers. What is really closely related to consumers is the service life of the silicone inclined brush tubes. Many consumers bought the silicone diagonal brush tube and it didn't take long for it to be broken. In fact, it is not because the quality of the product is not good, but because it was washed out. So how can the service life of the silicone diagonal brush tube be longer?
1. We can use toothpaste to clean the Slant Silicone Brush Tube. First, use a soft cotton cloth or other cloth to wipe repeatedly, and then apply the toothpaste to the brush. Use the alkaline chemical effect of the toothpaste to achieve the cleaning effect. Good cleaning method.
2. Eraser can be used to clean the silicone oblique brush tube. First, we use an eraser to wipe the oily areas of the brush. The special material of the eraser can remove impurities. If the dirt on the brush is not serious, use an eraser. Wipe a few times and then rinse with water, which also has a good cleaning effect.
3. Alcohol can also be used to clean the Slant Silicone Brush Tube. We first find a soft cotton cloth, soak the cotton cloth with clean water, pay attention to dipping it in a little water, not too much water, so as to avoid alcohol failure, then Gently wipe the alcohol on the silicone inclined brush tube, and wipe the alcohol-applied brush with a cotton cloth dipped in water to achieve the cleaning effect.
Therefore, the correct cleaning method is an important point in maintaining the Slant Silicone Brush Tube. Although the performance of the silicone material is good and the quality of the products made is high-quality, it will still shorten its service life if you do not pay attention to the use method.

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