Introduction to the production process of the Low price Alumimum Tube Food Packaging

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The Low price Alumimum Tube Food Packaging for sale is generally made of ninety-nine percent pure aluminum so that it can be squeezed and crimped. The outer surface can be printed and decorated, and the inner wall is coated with organic resin coatings such as epoxy resin, phenolic resin, and vinyl resin. This can further improve the corrosion resistance of the Low price Alumimum Tube Food Packaging for sale and can prevent the aluminum tube from breaking when it is bent.Low price Alumimum Tube Food Packaging for saleThe production method of Alumimum Tube Food Packaging is to first punch an aluminum plate of a certain thickness with a precision blanking punch, blank it into a small round billet, anneal it, and then perform impact extrusion on an extruder of a certain specification to make the round shape. The sheet blank extends outwards along a certain length and diameter into a tubular Alumimum Tube Food Packaging, and finally reaches a certain size.
The formed aluminum tube is also subjected to heat treatment to eliminate the effect of work hardening, so as to avoid cracking during extrusion and curling. Then paint and dry the inner wall of the Low price Alumimum Tube Food Packaging for sale near me, and perform decorative printing of characters or patterns on the surface of the aluminum tube.

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