What are the characteristics of Pharmaceutical Aluminium Tube as a pharmaceutical packaging material

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Pharmaceutical packaging materials refer to packaging materials and containers that directly contact drugs, and refer to packaging materials and containers that directly contact drugs used by drugs produced by pharmaceutical manufacturers and preparations prepared by medical institutions. Pharmaceutical Aluminium Tube, as a part of the medicine, has the following characteristics to meet the GMP pharmaceutical packaging material standard.

Pharmaceutical Aluminium Tube

Features of Pharmaceutical Aluminium Tube

1. Certain mechanical properties Pharmaceutical Aluminium Tube should be able to effectively protect the product. Therefore, it should have certain strength, toughness and elasticity to adapt to pressure and impact. The influence of static and dynamic factors such as vibration.

2. Separate performance
According to different requirements for product packaging, packaging materials should have a certain barrier to moisture, water vapor, gas, light, aroma, peculiar smell, heat, etc.

3. Good safety performance
The toxicity of the Pharmaceutical Aluminium Tube material itself should be small, so as not to contaminate the product and affect human health; the packaging material should be non-corrosive, and have anti-insect, anti-moth, anti-rodent, and anti-microbial properties to protect product safety.

4. Appropriate processing performance
The material of Pharmaceutical Aluminium Tube should be suitable for processing and easy to be made into various packaging containers. It should be easy to mechanize and automate the packaging operation to adapt to large-scale industrial production. It should be suitable for printing and easy to print packaging signs.

5. Better economic performance
Pharmaceutical Aluminium Tube materials should have a wide range of sources, convenient access to materials, and low cost. The packaging materials and packaging containers after use should be easy to handle, and should not pollute the environment or cause public hazards.

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